break·a·way, n. 1. a burst of speed by a competitor or group of competitors in a race to break free of the pack.
2. to do something in a different way from what is usual or expected.
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Target Audience

  Target Audience - Is Tony Right for Your Group?


Think about your group's profile. Tony's message will have a great impact on people who...


face growing competition and ever-rising expectations to perform in a "leaner" environment


won't survive without thinking and being different than the competition


struggle to balance work-life issues in a climate of frantic speed and never-ending change


need to learn new skills, grow as leaders, and still get their own jobs done


Amazingly, through it all, the winners on your team still find the challenge of work to be fun, stimulating and satisfying as they thrive on the energy, competition and team spirit.


But today more than ever, employees are wanting help and encouragement to deal with the most demanding work environment they've ever known. They want ideas to make work less draining, solutions to bolster their self-confidence, and ways to ward off feelings of burnout. They want to excel at work without putting further strain on their family, health and personal lives.


If this profile sounds like your audience, you should talk to Tony. He may ask some difficult or challenging questions, but it's just to learn how to better tailor the perfect blend of personal and business message into his visit/s.

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