break·a·way, n. 1. a burst of speed by a competitor or group of competitors in a race to break free of the pack.
2. to do something in a different way from what is usual or expected.
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Your Meeting Theme: How Tony Can Help

Popular Programs


Achieving BreakAway Results

Tony's foundational keynote program brings out the power of people, working together in a shared pursuit. It is a great opening or closing session for any meeting, filled with emotion, surprises and unforgettable stories tailored to your goals. 30-75 minutes.

How to Lead with a BreakAway Mindset

The "how-to" mini-course for BreakAway thinking is the perfect interactive breakout after a keynote, or the natural extension for longer keynotes. 60-120 minutes.

Creating BreakAway Energy and Vitality

A fun, fast paced session that adds the physical component necessary in a total life BreakAway. Tony shows his range as a speaker, reaching those new to fitness and health experts alike with fresh, doable ideas. 30-60 minutes.

When Tony speaks for your organization,
expect to be inspired with fresh and relevant ideas,
not tired sports clich?s.

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Follow-up Sessions and One-on-One Coaching
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