break·a·way, n. 1. a burst of speed by a competitor or group of competitors in a race to break free of the pack.
2. to do something in a different way from what is usual or expected.
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"Our first session was outstanding and your subsequent sessions have been even better. The BreakAway theme is packed full of lifetime lessons which have personal and professional application. Our participants have embraced your message and we have integrated the BreakAway mindset into our culture."

SVP Broker Division, Wausau Insurance


“After acquiring a competitor, your on-going work with our leaders was instrumental in helping us bring two very different and clashing cultures into a unified team producing record growth. The team responded to your having such a personal interest in our success.”

CEO, Apex International


"One of the best presentations we've had at Cargill. Your inspiration, energy, and humor make for a fun learning experience. We'll definitely invite you back."
Human Resources Manager,
Cargill Inc.


"What a conclusion to our sales meeting. You certainly left an impression. One attendee said, 'I felt you brought Tony here just for me. I needed to hear his message.' Thank you for taking time to learn about our organization. It was this understanding that personalized your message and built your credibility with the sales team. And we haven't let the BreakAway spirit die. Your follow-up article for our sales newsletter launched a new monthly column: BreakAway Performance, highlighting BreakAway performance within the sales organization."

Director of Training & Development, Liberty Enterprises


"Thank you for being a great keynote speaker at our awards gala. The wonderful connection you made from your past experience to our theme made it clear that you had definitely done your homework and understood our audience."

HR Director, Carlson Companies, Inc.


"In all my years of hiring outside speakers for our association, you were THE best at studying our group and modifying your message to fit us."

Executive Director, California Association of Nurserymen


"You had the audience spellbound and reached some very 'macho' people with your message."

Executive Director, Minnesota Asphault Pavement Association


"You managed to bring our sales and technical professionals to a new level of thinking. It was refreshing to work with someone who made the effort to meet and get to know everyone on our staff."

 CEO, Siemens Business Services


"Of the distinguished speakers we've had at our annual convention over the years, ranging from Tony Robbins to Tommy Thompson, I must say that your presentation was the best received. I believe you had an impact that will lead to results, and that is rare in a speaker. Thank you also for taking the time to make a personal connection to our associates."

Presedent, Watkins, Inc.


"Your message on how to overcome complacency and keep the competitive fire burning is invaluable to high achievers in all fields."

Partner, Winona Agency


"Thank you for the incredible presentation for our sales, marketing and leadership professionals. You far exceeded our expectations. On a personal note, I found you a true pleasure to work with, and the fact that you took time to attend sessions and learn our culture shows your commitment to our event's success."

Event Manager, Microsoft Great Plains Division

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