After winning 5 amateur world titles and 78 triathlons (the most in Minnesota history), Tony Schiller still had the dream of producing a kids-only triathlon so kids could discover the incredible sport that has shaped his life. Now as the race director of the MiracleKids Triathlon, Tony leads this major event that is an life-changing event for thousands of spectators, over 400 volunteers and 1200+ MiracleKids.


Besides his work on the MiracleKids Triathlon, Tony is one of the top motivational speakers in America so he's sure to get all the kids pumped up. He's presented programs for hundreds of corporations and associations along with several hundred schools. Tony is also the co-author of two great kid's books. As the 2008 world triathlon champion for men over age 50, Tony remains one of the fastest master's triathletes in the world and still competes with elite athletes less than half his age.

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Tony's Involvement
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