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A Word From Tony

Tony's Message:


"Being a triathlete has taught me we're all capable of accompishing so much more than we often dare to believe. For most people, triathlon is one of those 'I could never do that' sports. But they're so wrong. The children of the MiracleKids Triathlon prove that with a little knowledge, support and preparation, almost anyone can start and finish a triathlon - even a kid.

It's a great joy to lead an event where several hundred kids get to proclaim, 

      'I DID IT!'

My Personal Goal: I never put on this race to create little triathlon prodigies. I did it to give all kids - especially the underdog 'late bloomers' - a chance to have a different kind of sports experience. Our ultra-competitive team sports culture is fine for the few who can make it. But what about the majority of kids who get rejected, often before they're even teenagers? Where do they turn? I know how they feel and I want them to know there's other ways to succeed. I failed at all the 'traditional team sports' too and only found racing and discovered my special endurance talent thanks to the encouraging invitation of a few caring adults. 

Returning the Favor: It feels great to see the vision for the MiracleKids being achieved. We might be the only day on the sports calendar where parents can forget about the outcome and watch in amazement as all the kids compete with all their hearts - even with nothing to gain in doing so. It's all because they're motivated for the right reasons. This is the race where Kids Race for Kids Who Can't as each athlete races for a kid who's stricken with cancer. It's a truly a life-changing day. 

An Invitation: If you want to be part of one of the most spirit-filled days you'll ever enjoy, sign-up a child or join our volunteer team on this July 19th in Minneapolis or August 16th in Chanhassen."

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