break·a·way, n. 1. a burst of speed by a competitor or group of competitors in a race to break free of the pack.
2. to do something in a different way from what is usual or expected.
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Tony's Approach

Tony Schiller is one of the top Master's Triathletes in the World. He is also a nationally known speaker who has helped thousands of people with his positive approach to work and life.

As a speaker, the 5-time world champion and winner of over 75 triathlons brings an unparalleled contagious energy and spirit to the platform. The founder and developer of the BreakAway approach to life-success has helped bring out the competitive best in hundreds of organizations.  Tony's amazing stories of racing in events like the grueling Ironman in Hawaii hardly make it seem as if he's teaching. But that's what makes him such an exceptional motivator. Soon, the audience realizes he has skillfully directed his message to address their most pressing real-world needs.

You don’t need to have competed in triathlons yourself to imagine the grueling nature of the sport. Just finishing a race is a feat in itself. Becoming a champion requires an uncommon level of discipline, commitment and focus. Staying on top for 2-decades is all about passion. The kind of passion Tony brings to the platform.

Tony's a unique business and life motivator who genuinely cares about his audiences. That shows in the way he prepares and speaks to the heart of the change your organization needs influenced. 

With a perfect 100% finishing record in all of his 600+ racing starts, Tony brings the credibility needed to speak from the heart about what it means to BreakAway. Hiring him to speak for your organization will be a great decision.


tri·ath·lon, n. an athletic contest in which participants
compete without stopping in three successive events,
usually long-distance swimming, bicycling, and running

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