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World-Class Athlete and Motivator

Tony Schiller is one of the most decorated triathletes in American history. He is also a nationally known speaker who has helped thousands of people with his positive approach to work and life. 

The 7-time world champion and overall winner of 79 triathlons, brings a contagious energy and spirit to the platform. Tony's programs draw on  experience gained from his decades as a top endurance athlete. But each program is tailored so it hits home in ways that are both personally and organizationally relevant for each of his audience members. 

His insights on mental toughness and peak performance are brought to life through his BreakAway theme. And it's all tied together with amazing stories - ranging from being cut from 7 different sports teams as a kid in St. Paul to racing in events like the grueling Ironman Triathlon in Hawaii - so it seems as if he's never teaching. 

But that's what makes him such an exceptional motivator. Soon the audience realizes he has skillfully directed the message to address their most pressing real-world needs.


But before there were any victories, there were years of struggle and being cut from 7 different sports teams. Then, when Tony was 15 and giving up on himself, a neighbor man by the name of Frank encouraged him to go for a run. That invitation changed everything and Tony strives now to be Frank to others, especially kids.

Can I Be Frank to You?

"I've never forgotten what it felt like to be left on the sidelines in life and maybe that's why I find it so easy to connect with kids - or anyone who's going through a particularly tough patch. I love saying to kids, When I was your age, my sport - the triathlon - wasn't even invented yet. It creates perspective that there are still unimagined ways for all of us to to succeed, and we usually find our path only after going through a meaningful struggle."

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