As a kid, Tony was a natural misfit in team sports, getting cut from 7 different teams in baseball, basketball, football and even hockey. He finally gave up altogether on his dream of being an athlete and found himself on struggling not just in sports, but in school and in life. That all changed when he started running.

5th Grade

"They say the first cut is the deepest. Being cut in 6th grade from the baseball team at St. Lukes was the first of many setbacks."

Junior Varsity Beginnings

"It was thrilling to race on the junior varsity at St. Paul Highland Park. One of my great thrills was cheering on the varsity to 3rd place at the 1973 state cross country meet."

Life-Changing Coach

"In the late '70s, Coach Bob Keister was the first coach to believe in me. He taught me how to eliminate the self-imposed limitations I had clung to. Coach K taught me how to be a winner."

Finding My Sport

"My sport - the triathlon - wasn't invented when I was a kid. After doing my first race and almost drowning, I knew the sport was my path forward and decided to go ALL IN."

Cruising in Chicago

"Having travelled to 9 triathlon world championships in other countries, it was a thrill to win a 7th gold medal on home for Team USA on home turf." Chicago - 2015

World-Title #7

"The Chicago win wrapped up a big year, capped off by being named for a second time as USA Triathlon's Master Triathlete of the Year." 2002 & 2015